The Company – Presentation

I am pleased to make this presentation to you as the Managing Director of Conformas Rehabilitación y Obra Nueva, S.L.

Our working team is characterised by its enthusiasm, professional ambition, responsibility, and dedication to personalised attention, detail and quality. Conformas offers them an excellent alternative, building and giving shape to their ideas and projects.

Quality, in any organisation, depends on the rigour and meticulousness of its managers and operatives who comply strictly with a demanding working methodology, personalised for each particular customer and case, which for more than a decade has gained us a recognised reputation, founded on brilliant constructive results.

We have a technical team formed by the finest professionals who perform their work from an innovative and efficacious perspective, providing a solution to any challenge of fieldwork and/or design, presenting a range of viable solutions which will be developed by qualified and highly motivated operatives who are covered by the latest in systems and certifications of collective and individual protection and in health and safety matters.

The company’s economic solvency has been consolidated year by year with a spotless track record since the first day, endorsed by reports from banking institutions and public administrations which demonstrate the structural solidity of a fast-developing company which has not ceased to grow since its creation.

Conformas Rehabilitación y Obra Nueva, S.L. has a lot to offer you, the solution you have long been seeking for your home or business premises. We have the structure and experience to undertake any project, whether rehabilitations of buildings, housing developments or individual chalets, or civil engineering works of any type.

We are at your service for whatever you may need. Please visit or contact us: we have the answers to your questions, the solution for your problem, and we will make your projects a reality.

Managing Director
Juan Ramírez Mateos


CONFORMAS REHABILITACION Y OBRA NUEVA, S.L. entered the market over ten years ago, with the firm and dedicated effort of a young group of professionals of Málaga who set themselves the goal of meeting and alleviating the needs that the construction sector was suffering at that time.

Since their first steps back in 1998, the quality, professionalism and rigour which the customers demanded formed part of the working handbook adopted by the company, which marked out a series of ambitious goals, striving to be more competitive every day, basing itself on the potential of a group of employees who showed 110% involvement and had extensive experience in the sector.

The use of the most advanced technologies in a sector as static as ours increased the performance and efficiency of our staff, producing spectacular results in construction that differentiated us from the rest of the companies of the sector thanks to the quality of our works.

With the passing of the years, taking small but determined steps, the firm has evolved and reinforced its structure by equipping itself with top-level technical, administrative and executive personnel, diversifying and enlarging the services it offers to embrace practically all the fields of the construction spectrum, growing quickly and sustainably, without forgetting the key factors that have brought us to where we are today.

Our present and our future revolve around undertaking all types of projects and turning them into a reality that serves as the best ‘shop window,’ thus increasing our portfolio of customers, whether they are public bodies and institutions, companies or private individuals, all with a twofold final objective, the full satisfaction of our customers and the quality of our works.

We continue to have the same enthusiasm and dedication, aiming to create a better and more prosperous future for ourselves and our customers…
Conformas 1998-2016.

Corporate Responsibility

Conformas Rehabilitación y Obra Nueva S.L. assumes the new challenges of the market with unswerving care for and service to its surroundings, a series of values which the company applies in its internal and external working with special care for the environment, prioritising safety at work, collaboration with suppliers and customers, the continuous training and health supervision of our staff and the culture of effort and work.

At Conformas Rehabilitación y Obra Nueva S.L. we strive to generate jobs and wealth on the basis of a Global Strategy in which Quality, Customer Attention, Professional Ethics, Good Management and Economic Results are inseparable.

Conformas Rehabilitación y Obra Nueva S.L., has implanted an Integrated Quality Assurance System compliant with the UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2008 standard, Environmental Management under UNE-EN-ISO 14001:2004 and Occupational Safety under the OHSAS 18001:2007 standard for correct management of resources, the environment and occupational safety certified by the BUREAU VERITAS auditing agency.

In its firm commitment to quality and the environment, but without forgetting customer satisfaction, we invest a part of our resources in R&D&I with main guidelines which can be summed up in five principal points:

– Prevention of accidents and contamination in any of their forms.

– Setting extremely demanding objectives and minimums in terms of quality, environment, occupational risk prevention and compliance with standards.

– Recycling raw materials and debris from the works themselves.

– Environmental and scenic impact, replacing and repopulating the areas of action.

– Continuous training and recycling of the personnel in matters of occupational risk prevention and environmental protection.

Conformas Rehabilitación y Obra Nueva S.L., assumes its corporate responsibility not only as a series of rules of obligatory compliance but as a modest contribution to the sustainment of our economy, our surroundings, our environment and the quality of life of our customers and employees.

Human Team

Our team is formed by highly qualified professionals with over 20 years’ experience in the construction and works management sector.


Juan Ramírez Mateos – Managing Director
Graduate in Economics and Business Sciences


Javier Fernández Pachón
Civil Engineer


Purificación Aguado Pérez
Diploma Holder in Technical Architecture

José Luis Galiano Hevilla
Industrial Technical Engineer

Alejandro Moreno
Diploma Holder in Technical Architecture


Ángel Ruíz Navas
Diploma Holder in Business Sciences



José María Caparrós Palma


Javier Fernández Casas-Summers
Graduate in Social Sciences


Carlos Álvarez Quirós
Diploma Holder in Technical Architecture

Rosario Orellana Vergara
Diploma Holder in Technical Architecture